See the results after 1 week of RECOVA®!

Actual photos of bruise recovery after 1 week of applying RECOVA®

You Won't Believe the RESULTS!

What actual users say about RECOVA®

  • “The cooling feeling is nice when it goes on the skin. Recova works better than Arnicare, you know it’s working.”

    -Shannon C

  • Saw a reduction in my bruising while using Recova.”

    -Anna P

  • “Love it. Helps with bruising and it relaxes the muscles too.”

    -Jennifer V.

  • “Very effective in reducing bruising, would highly recommend to anyone.”

    -Marilyn S

  • “This cream is AMAZING!! I had significant bruising on one leg after a treatment, That evening I put a small amount of Recova on all the bruises, the very next day the bruising was very pale, no itching and no pain.

    -Marsha J.

  • “ Definitely can tell the difference on the first application, the way my legs felt was better than with other bruise creams I have tried.”

    -Graciela G.

  • “After using Recova my legs felt smoother, the feeling was soothing.”

    -Donna B.

  • “The cooling feeling was very soothing.”

    -Jan H.

  • “Recova was very effective”

    -Brad E.

  • “This is a great product”

    -Elizabeth D.

  • “Recova did not irritate my skin like other products.”

    -Karen B.

When you say hello to RECOVA®,
you say goodbye to bruises
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