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I made the transition to just being the CEO full time for La Jolla Vein &Vascular when I knew we could take control of the entire treatment process. This meant making it less bureaucratic for the patient, providing fewer barriers to treatment and making the experience more personalized. We offer the entire spectrum of treatment and technology, so it is a one-stop shop for our patients.

Soon into this full-service model, I realized that more and more patients were asking what they could do for bruising, and their post-procedure experience became important to me. I always recommended arnica, but I wanted to provide the best formula of ingredients for healing, including menthol, bromelain (which is derived from pineapple) and other anti-inflammatories. I started working with pharmacies to formulate a new product; I tried different versions on patients and tweaked it over the years. The result after an eight-year optimizing process is my newest product, RECOVA.
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Del Mar Times

Local vein expert launches products to aid healing

Del Mar Mesa resident Dr. Nisha Bunke, the CEO of La Jolla Vein Care, recently launched two all-natural post-surgery products, RECOVA Surgery Cream and RECOVA Tinted Arnica Cream.
The products promote healing for bruised skin while providing pain relief, working to reduce discomfort and discoloration, swelling and redness that can occur after treatments. The tinted arnica product can conceal bruising in highly visible areas while providing soothing relief.
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RECOVA® founder, Dr. Nisha Bunke has been featured on the cover of San Diego Woman Magazine’s Health, Wellness and Beauty Issue! Dr. Bunke was previously featured in the SD Woman Magazine as a ‘Woman of Distinction’.
Dr. Nisha Bunke graces the cover of our Health, Beauty and Wellness issue


La Jolla Vein Care is proud to announce that Dr. Bunke is a finalist for San Diego Magazine’s 2018 Celebrating Women issue and event.

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